Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sending a Photo by E-mail

Hello, how your photo will be sent to you by e-mail this article we are going to tell him. After entering your user name and password and the e-mails that have the screen you will encounter. In the upper right corner "+ New" button. Person you are sending the e-mail address in the box to the left, so your receiver. E-mail with the subject line on the right side to come give brief information about. Now add the entry by clicking on the e-mail message, point to where you want to write. If you just want to upload the photos from the top "Add" button and make the "In addition to files" option. Find and select your photo here. Your photo will be uploaded here in a few seconds. If you want to add a photo to e-mail you write and post it into the "Add" button, click "inline images" option. Type in your e-mail so that your photo will be added into the article. Once you have finished adding the upper-left corner of the "Submit" button to send your email.


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