Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Send E-mail

Hi all, in this paper we will describe how to send them an e-mail.Hotmail e-mail account to send the e-mail address to your Hotmail account and password and login. The upper left corner "+ New" button. Send an e-mail that appears on the left, type the person's e-mail address. The first issue of your e-mail in the box on the right, type your email in the box to the bottom. Once you have finished writing the upper left corner to e-mail the "Submit" button to send your email.
hotmail login

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sending a Photo by E-mail

Hello, how your photo will be sent to you by e-mail this article we are going to tell him. After entering your user name and password and the e-mails that have the screen you will encounter. In the upper right corner "+ New" button. Person you are sending the e-mail address in the box to the left, so your receiver. E-mail with the subject line on the right side to come give brief information about. Now add the entry by clicking on the e-mail message, point to where you want to write. If you just want to upload the photos from the top "Add" button and make the "In addition to files" option. Find and select your photo here. Your photo will be uploaded here in a few seconds. If you want to add a photo to e-mail you write and post it into the "Add" button, click "inline images" option. Type in your e-mail so that your photo will be added into the article. Once you have finished adding the upper-left corner of the "Submit" button to send your email.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


SkyDrive application brings along with Microsoft's Hotmail account application. In addition, this application can download and install on your computer. Of course, this should be your Hotmail account to use the application. If you do not look at other articles to your Hotmail account, you can learn how to open your Hotmail account. SkyDrive application that you can use your computer as a separate storage area. By logging in to your Hotmail account to use this area of ​​the upper-left corner, you can make the transition to SkyDrive. 7 GB of space you want to use it as separated. Important e-mails, important information, you can store your photos here forever.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hotmail Secure Login

In order to safely bring your Hotmail account is still necessary to know not only that you privacy, question and answer. Hotmail account is not possible to play in an easy way. But the password is simple, the password if you have one, or everyone will know the answer to your question in the privacy of the account is something that can be played in an easy way. In order to avoid this, you must have a mixed answer, and password. Mixed want to say who say: your password letters, numbers, and use the expression. Name and date of birth in your password later. Instead, you find a word that is specific and the next figure, '^ +% & / () =? _ Signs, such as sheep. Thus, a very low probability of guessing your password and will be harder.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail accounts to send e-mail tool most widely used today. Microsoft has to offer us a free service for everyone to use this e-mail to an e-mail service. You are also to take advantage of this service offered by Microsoft's free e-mail addresses turn immediately remove and enjoy free communication. If a user name and password to open your Hotmail account, you can register after determining. I would recommend you do not use Turkish characters specifying the user name. Otherwise enter the user name will be void. After you have determined the appropriate user name to this rule by setting a password only you know Hotmail accounts and start using it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Windows Live Hotmail

MSN addresses for a long time and made ​​contact with the program. Of course, many things have changed in this social network is growing day by day. MSN program with the Windows Live and Windows Live Hotmail accounts. Hotmail accounts could not do anything much in advance. Ask now passed into programs and even MSN MSN Hotmail accounts say out programs. Because, thanks to the MSN Hotmail accounts can walk through programs without the need to contact çevremizdekilerle. Moreover, in doing so do not pay any fee. Hotmail Internet for anyone to use as they wish application. Hotmail e-mail account, friends, music, audio files, video and photo gönderebilirsiz. You can even video chat with friends.